2abbit – Mike – Bouldering

I got the opportunity to give Solo Jeans a test run with Duane Michael Conley at Mount Rubidoux, Riverside, CA. Bouldering and rock climbing present an interesting dilemma for clothing. Not only do the jeans have to be comfortable enough to move in, but they also need to be durable enough to withstand the weather and wear when they rub against boulders and harsh surfaces. Mike did seem to enjoy climbing in the jeans. Obviously the jeans were not made to withstand snow and extreme rock climbing, but for a casual boulder, it seemed plenty good enough. He was able to really move his legs however he wanted and it protected his legs from getting scraped. All you rock climbers and boulderers out there, try these jeans out for yourself. They look, feel, and perform great!

Monsters Calling Home – Growing Up
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