About Us

Through 2abbit, I would like to raise awareness of the consumption and production of art. I am in no way trying to define what art is or state that a particular art form is greater than another. As I continue to learn and delve into the topic, I would like to show the different forms of art that make up the identities of this world and how they are practiced and consumed.

Hence, I would like to show how the art world works, functions, and evolves through interviewing not only artists, but critics, politicians, teachers, professors, and consumers.

At the same time, I hope this site intrigues and inspires people to question and innovate rather than to become cynical and critical.

The clothing will definitely be a form of expression of my creative thought and interests. I hope I am not like many others in today’s industry that “fake it till they make it”, but I would like to produce honest work that interests me and hopefully you also. Those of you following will have the opportunity to see this project grow from a simple sketch to whatever it becomes. Thanks for reading!

Peace and Harmony

– Gbert